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Beyond Just a Game, The Physical and Mental Benefits of Cricket.

Health benifits of playing cricket

Cricket has been an established team sport for more than hundreds of years and can be called one of the most popular sports in the world. It originated in 1611 in England and is now one of the most popular in many countries such as England, the West Indies, Pakistan, India, Australia, South Africa, and Sri Lanka.

cricket benifits

Cricket isn’t just about casual play, leisurely afternoons spent on the pitch. It’s a surprisingly demanding sport that works wonders on your body. Imagine you’re sprinting between wickets, diving for a catch, or unleashing a powerful throw from the boundary. All this activity translates into a well-rounded workout that benefits you in numerous ways.

Health benefits of cricket

Even though there are moments of standing around, playing cricket requires fitness, strength, and excellent hand-eye coordination along with ball-handling skills. The game involves sprinting between the wickets, running to field balls, and the physical demands of bowling and throwing.

Playing cricket is great for the body and every muscle. The physical benefits of playing cricket are:

  1. Stamina 

In cricket, you sprint between the wickets, dash down the pitch to bowl your next delivery and chase the ball to save vital runs. All these actions running on the field greatly build up your stamina to the next level.

  1. Endurance 

Whether it’s a casual fun game or a well-organized 20-over, 50-over, or 5-day test match, every ball, the over and the whole game of cricket has long playing sessions. Improved stamina keeps you active and agile on the ground during really long cricket matches, helping your body build the endurance and stamina needed to handle the wear and tear of the game.

  1. Balance 

This game requires the highest level of concentration on every movement which enhances balance and stability. For playing cricket, both the physical and mental balance of the body come into action. Balance is the core and one of the most important aspects of any athletic ability because it controls all other body movements keeping the player stable.

  1. Hand-eye coordination 

There are many advantages of playing cricket, in which coordinated hand and eye movement is the most important. The bowler throws the ball at full capacity, the batsman plays the shot with his bat, and the fielder runs all over the ground to fetch the ball. Every action in the game requires great synchronisation between the eyes and hands, therefore helping the player in the overall development and balance of the body.

  1. Burn Calories 

Cricket game is a great and full-body workout for kids, and amateurs, helping them shed the extra kilos by burning calories faster. Professional cricket players follow an even harder fitness module given their hectic schedules and training regimen.

  1. Muscle Building  

Cricketing helps in the overall building of muscles by pitching, striking, and running to throwing and catching; every single action of the game requires a different set of muscles. This helps in building the overall muscle giving the body its perfect shape. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best exercises that help gain and tone every body muscles.

  1. Flexibility  

Similar to the shape of the cricket field, the health benefits of playing cricket also extend 360 degrees. The player is required to run and move around with great speed, agility and flexibility to remain ahead in the game. Also, with increased flexibility, the muscle mass length greatly increases which prevents injuries due to overstretching of muscles.

  1. Heart Health  

Unlike any other extreme physical activity games that increase the heart rate manifold, cricket involves evenly distanced peaks. The short duration of peaks followed by a small recouping time is great for overall heart health. Also, the periodic spike in heart rate is a good exercise for the heart as it prevents the blocking of arteries and blood vessels which keeps the heart healthy.

  1. Motor Skills  

Playing cricket is the perfect exercise and game to greatly improve motor skills. While gross motor skills are of key importance, fine motor skills also play an equally important role in putting the large body muscles to work and toning them. 

  1. Metabolism 

As mentioned above, playing cricket leads to the entire body being in a workout state. This supports the breakdown of fats drastically and the energy released is used to sustain the whole body’s activities. This game helps improve metabolism and keeps a healthy check on weight gain.

Psychological Benefits of Playing Cricket

Playing cricket benefits the mind and the mental state too. The psychological or mental benefits of playing cricket are:

  1. Concentration

The game of cricket is all about making quick decisions with great precision. This requires concentration and polished judgment skills. This sharpens the brain, and mind which helps in building analytical skills of the brain.

  1. Team Skills 

Playing cricket is all about teamwork and total coordination. Consisting of 2 teams with 11 players on either side, good and healthy teamwork is very important to develop strategies, execute them to perfection along with your team members and win matches for your team. Therefore, one of the most important psychological benefits of playing cricket lies in the fact that it is a team game.

  1. Social Skills  

Interacting and communicating not just with team members but also with your challengers helps you learn social skills. Also, while you win some games and lose some, it always gives you the strength to get along with different life situations and challenges more effortlessly and effectively.

  1. Mental State  

Playing the game of cricket benefits a person’s overall mental state because it improves focus and attention span greatly. These attributes help the brain to remain calm, active and agile, which in turn, boosts mood, positivity and well-being.

  1. Cathartic and Stress Release 

Playing cricket is a less harmful way to display high-intensity emotions. Bowling the perfect delivery to get the batsman out, striking the ball hard to let it fly high for a six, and running or diving to catch your rival’s batting and out them can be great ways to release negative energies and complete de-stress.

Things to remember

  • Cricket can be played for competition or fun.
  • Cricket is a great sport for developing overall fitness, stamina and hand-eye coordination.
  • Cricket uses a hard cork ball, so don’t forget to wear protective gear to avoid any kind of injury.

Some tips to avoid injuries when playing cricket include:

  • Stay hydrated..! Drink enough water before, during and after play.
  • Wear a broad-spectrum sunscreen, sunglasses and a Panama hat, even in cloudy conditions to stay safe from scorching heat and sun.
  • Always warm up before starting to play the match, stretch and cool down after every match.
  • Good technique and constant practice will help prevent injury and keep you safe on the field.
  • Fast bowlers should confine the number of overs bowled during play, taking into account their physical maturity and fitness. Wear the right self-protective outfit. 
  • While batting, wear body padding including gloves, leg pads, a box( for males), Abdo guard and forearm guards. When wicketkeeping, batting or fielding in close, also wear a cricket helmet with a faceguard.
  • Wear the right protective equipment. While batting, wear body padding including gloves, leg pads, a box (for males) and forearm guards. When wicketkeeping, batting or fielding in close, also wear a cricket helmet with a faceguard
  • Look into indoor cricket facilities that offer senior leagues. This can be a great option during harsh weather conditions.
  • Consider joining a social cricket club for seniors. These clubs often focus on fun and participation rather than intense competition.
  • Encourage your friends and family to join you! The more the happier and a strong support system can make the experience even more enjoyable.

You don’t need any fancy equipment or a professional ground to reap the great benefits that cricket gives. Grab a bat, find a ball, and improvise with some wickets along with constant practice and the possibilities are endless. Great cricket with cricket buddies is always a fun and rewarding way to stay together and active.  So, the next time whenever you’re looking for any kind of cricket equipment 4 Square Sport is always there for you. 

Cricket and a healthy lifestyle awaits you! Let’s strike away boredom, bowl over stress, and hit a six to a more vibrant, healthy and active senior life TODAY!

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